Porquê Áudio Vintage?

Esta pergunta pode levar a diversos caminhos de análise e a uma complexidade considerável de opiniões, factos e também mitos.

De uma forma menos complicada foi escrito assim num artigo da revista Stereophile de 2012:

"The best vintage gear offers an abundance of musically agreeable qualities that are missing from even the best contemporary gear".

Num artigo de título 'Top 5 Tube Amps' também podemos determinar acerca da qualidade dos bons sistemas vintage:

"Although modern amplifiers have a host of great features, many listeners feel these products cannot offer the same great sound quality as those from past decades. In particular, products designed from the late 1960s through the '80s are considered to be some of the finest pieces of electronics, and they are sought for their superior sound quality and overall construction. "

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